Burk Farm
377 Burk Rd NE, Rome GA 30165
(770) 324-2385

Where We Started

What was once a place to clean up after a hunt in the woods, is now Rome’s Best Wedding Venue.

William Burk Jr. saw potential in what used to be an old barn with dirt floors. After the passing of his sweet wife, Marvell, he decided he wanted to do more with the family property.

He wanted a place where people could gather and celebrate life. A wedding venue would be perfect!

Slowly he started adding a few things here and there. Being a retired contractor in Rome (Yes, you’ve most likely lived in one of his houses at some point), he had the knowledge to create exactly what he imagined.

He added a concrete floor. Fixed up the bathrooms. Built a gazebo in the woods and a an arbor by the pond. People started to take interest in his little place in the woods. Business was growing – he added a little bridal suite for the ladies and an outdoor bar for the men.

He hired Quincee to help manage the property, as well as plan and coordinate with brides.

In the winter of 2015, after realizing he needed a climate controlled place for parties, as well as a place for the gentleman, he built the General Store.

Business continued to grow, Adlynn was brought on as a planner/coordinator to share the wedding load.

William keeps himself busy by adding something beautiful and new to the property every winter. The most recent projects have been a smaller gazebo located right outside the barn, as well as a new ceremony location near the pond.

There is something very calming and special about the property when you’re there in the daytime. It’s a quiet place that makes you feel like your miles away from home. As the sun sets, the property turns into a romantic getaway as thousands of lights twinkle from every angle.

William loves to see people running around property. He works every wedding, and is the best tour guide you can have. Everything hanging from the walls has a story – one that he will happily share.

From wedding couples to birthday parties, once they’ve stepped foot on property, they’re Burk Farm Family.

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Burk Farm
377 Burk Rd NE, Rome GA 30165
(770) 324-2385